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for TV, Film, Commercials and Theatre.

Olly is a specialist puppeteer for TV,Film, Commercials and theatre. He performs all kinds of puppets and is often called to act as a master puppeteer when leading/directing/co-ordinating a team of puppeteers or performers, and sometimes nurturing new performers.

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Please note: It is not possible for Olly to respond to autograph requests via this website and email. Thank you for your understanding.

Latest News:

Lovely Little Farm 2022

Olly was the Puppet Captain for this new series from 

Darrall MacQueen now streaming on Apple + TV

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 

wins an Emmy!

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Olly plays the two most physically demanding characters in the series, The Mystics (Urru)

Here he is pictured with The Archer (left) and The Wanderer (right).

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Series streaming now on Netflix!

SOLO: A Star Wars Story

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Olly was one half of the Twins from the Sabaac scene as well as various animatronic creatures and droids across the film. 


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In this installment of the saga Olly was a performer of various puppets, animatronic creatures, such as Slowen Lo, and droids. He also was the puppeteer of the ironing droid, well how else do the First Order press their uniforms?


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In The Force Awakens, Olly was one of five inside the enormous Happabore, performed various animatronic faces, and was the puppeteer of the character Sonsigo.

Get Well Soon Hospital 

wins the Children's BAFTA

Olly was fortunate to be on stage alongside Dr Ranj and the production team as they collected the award for best live action pre-school show of the 2018 Awards

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Get Well Soon Hospital series 2

The second series of the popular medical show presented by Dr Ranj Singh, where Olly plays Riz, is airing on the CBeebies channel and BBC iPlayer.

CBeebies still airs the original Get Well Soon series with episodes also available on iPlayer. Songs from the show and the original series are available on the Official Get Well Soon YouTube channel.

Get Well Soon Hospital previously won the Children's BAFTA in the'best interactive- adapted' category!

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For the 20th Anniversary series of the Teletubbbies Olly was asked to take on performing the 'Noo-Noo'. Advising on new changes to it's controls Olly was able to fulfill his brief to bring more character and dexterity to the Noo Noo as it took a more active part in the narratives of the new series.

New Series epsiodes now on Cbeebies and BBC Iplayer

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Olly was one of the principal performers on the 10 part Netflix series based on the world of the original Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal. He performs the Scientist Skeksis, The Mystics, Cadia & Rek'yr as well as countless other background characters. 

He also provides additional voices across the series. 

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The Crystal Calls.

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Olly appears in both behind the scenes footage as well as an on screen contributer in the feature documentary of the making of The Dark Crystal: Age of resistance.

Documentary streaming now on Netflix.

Spitting Image 2020

Olly joins the team of puppeteers across the return of this iconic series.

Streaming now on Britbox

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Olly performed Buttons the mouse in the David Walliams Christmas Special for SKY ONE

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Halifax: Corkscrew

The latest addition to this campaign is now being broadcast. Building on the success of the first commercial Olly is joined again by Lynn Robertson Bruce and also Nigel Plaskitt. Who knew a Corckscrew could do "the floss"?!

Halifax: Slinky

Alongside fellow puppeteer Lynn Robertson Bruce, Olly performed all the live action shots of the slinky in this new campaign. In rehearsals they worked out what was possible to achieve, the choreography of it's dancing and even how to make it 'twerk'!

HP: The Show

For this campaign Olly was the puppetry consultant and lead puppeteer. Advising on best staging and construction of the puppets as well as bringing together the team of puppeteers.

Smarties 2021

Olly performed the Squirrel from the recent Smarties commerical. He worked alongside the puppet builders Arch Model Studio (AMS) and Director/producers in preproduction to ensure the puppet was tested and could achieve the storybaord before the shoot began.