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for TV, Film, Commercials and Theatre.

Olly is a specialist puppeteer for TV,Film, Commercials and theatre. He performs all kinds of puppets and is often called to act as a master puppeteer when leading/directing/co-ordinating a team of puppeteers or performers, and sometimes nurturing new performers.

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Latest News:

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Get Well Soon Hospital wins the

Children's BAFTA in the

'best interactive- adapted' category!

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For the 20th Anniversary series of the Teletubbbies Olly was asked to take on performing the 'Noo-Noo'. Advising on new changes to it's controls Olly was able to fulfill his brief to bring more character and dexterity to the Noo Noo as it took a more active part in the narratives of the new series.

New Series epsiodes now on Cbeebies and BBC Iplayer

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MCDONALD'S: Doll Christmas

Olly led the pupppeteers who performed the puppetry elements in this commercial of the Doll in both commercials,

TRAVELODGE: That's Travelodgical!


Following the success of the first ad in the Travelodical campaign in 2015, a new ad began airing Feb 2016.

Olly is Lead Puppeteer and Puppet Co-ordinator for this campaign. He performs Alex the businessman for social Media content and live appearances.


 Olly performs Riz (pictured) in Get Well Hospital. The app features episodes from the series and interactive games with the characters.

NEW DOLMIO: The Meeting


In this new campaign, which shot in the UK, Olly took on the role of Mama Dolmio, as well as a couple of gangsters.



A special new mini series of the popular medical show presented by Dr Ranj Singh, where Olly plays Riz, began airing on the CBeebies channel mid November 2015.


CBeebies various transmission.Songs from the show and the original series are available on the Official Get Well Soon YouTube channel.



Olly played Sweetums, when his principal Muppeteer was required elsewhere, the enormous Thog, and various Muppets in the latest Muppet movie. 


Out now on Disney Blu-Ray, DVD and download.

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The sitcom featuring Nev, Crazy Keith, Barney Harwood and Bella Emberg continues to air on the CBBC Channel. Across the whole 78 episodes Olly was assistant puppeteer, additional puppet characters and ran the organisation of the puppet department.


CBBC Channel,

various transmission times.


In The Force Awakens, Olly was one of five inside the enormous Happabore, performed various animatronic faces, and was the puppeteer of the character Sonsigo.


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Olly led the performance of Churchill again for the Lollipopper campaign.

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